/2022/ Capsula, Popsy Pop, Sunday German Flowers, Transistor Eye, Páramo, Paul Pèrrim, Buck Curran, The Llamps, The Lions Constellation, Hideout, Moi   /2021/ Capsula, Soulblondjing, Sunday German Flowers, Mae Kurtz, Sonic Trash, Moonshakers, Homo, Flamsteed, Mendra, Trist Trash Trio, Johnny Casino & Xabi Sr. No, My Expansive Awareness, Celistia   /2020/ Núria Graham, Últim Cavall, Corcs Drum&Organ, Maurice Gene, Eric Fuentes, Tupelo Bound, The Renegados  /2019/ Henri Herbert & The Fury, Henri Herbert, Songstore, Mice, Northagirres, Ramalamas, Suzy & Los Quattro, Jamzee78, Pol Fuentes, Josep Calbet Trio, Oskar Benas Instro Combo, Edu Errea Band, Caustic Roll Dave & Mike Mariconda, Anton Barbeau, Slift, The Lizards, The Toxenes, The Burning Balloons, Nata, High Tiny Hairs, The Strange Flowers, The Floors, Black Boys On Moped, The Llamps, Les Synapses, My Expansive Awareness, The Johnny Casino 3  /2018/ Northagirres, The Trip Takers, Tim Evans, The Llamps, The Bleeding Flares, Sunflowers, La Big Rabia, Sonic Trash, Moonshakers, Sunflowers, Henri Herbert & The Fury, Buried Feather, We Might Be Giants DJs, The Burning Balloons, Transistor Eye, Xavier Calvet, Pony Hunt, Rhyece O’Neill & The Narodniks, Adrian Whitehead & Jethro Pickett, Thunder Fox, Hugo Race & Michelangelo Russo, Violetta Delconte-Race, Transmission (the sound of Joy Division), The Krav Maga, The Braves, Mud Twins, Guttercats, Northagirres, BOPS, Segunda Persona, The Outside Hours, Oskar Benas Instro Combo  /2017/ Plastic Pinks, Aullido Atómico, Dan Brodie, The Volcanics, James McCann & The New Vindictives, High Tiny Hairs, Dave Graney & Clare Moore, Los Dominados, Cash Savage & The Last Drinks, White Hills, Plastic Man, Santiago Campillo, Dyr Faser, The Blind Shake, Cojoman, the Gentlemens, Anton Barbeau, The Johnny Casino 3, Harley Young  /2016/ Magaly Fields, Origamy Ghosts, Rubia, Sonic Trash, Tomy & The Cougars, Biscuit, Pow Pow Pows, High Tiny Hairs, Oskar Benas y Los Herejes, Amaya Laucirica, Andrew Keese, Departure Kids, The Kaams, Charm Bag  /2015/ Tommy & The Cougars, Departure Kids, The Kaams, Charm Bag  /2014/ Pow Pow Pows, Drip Dry Man & The Beat Revolver, Angry Mama, Screamin’ Diablos, Fuck Knights, Oskar Benas, Caustic Roll Dave, Sonic Angels, Bakelite, June Madrona, Flowers From The Man Who Shot Your Cousin, Traumahelikopter, Los Vigilantes, Paint Fumes, Dead Parties, Macho, Caustic Roll Dave, The Teardrops, The Outside Hours, Skadne Krek, Street Gnar, Love Cans, The Snookys  /2013/ Al Lover, Oskar Benas, The Holydrug Couple, Crusaders of Love, The Future Primitives, The See See, Dusty Mush, Fuck Knights, Las Marlenes, Ned Collette + Wirewalker, Fredrik Kinbom, Ron S. Peno & The Superstitions, The Drip Dry Man, Nadj, Sweet Jean, Capsula, Suzie Stapleton, We Are The Men, Zien Años, The Re-mains, The Prehistorics, El Turista Optimista, Check 1-2, Gog y Las Hienas Telepáticas, Jamzee78, Flyingpigmatanza, Nata, Islandia Nunca Quema, King Dude, Steven Munar  /2012/ V13, Zien Años, A Quiet Man, Jiku55, El Teatre Magnètic, Popsy Pop, Roller One, Justin Cusack, Scattered Order, Zien Años, Macho, Don Simón y Telefunken, Mister Jones, Fuck Knights, The Hitbacks, The Outside Hours, Frac-As (presentación de cortometraje y minishows de The Transistor Arkestra, LeCirke, Los Líquidos y Hogaza), Shannon & The Clams, Las Ardillas, Burn in Hell, Gasion, HysM?, The Dry Mouths, Family X, The Walking Stick Man, Tori Sparks, Balago  /2011/ Muy Fellini, Joseba Irazoki, TV Buddhas, Fuck Knights, Woman, The Holy Soul, The Walk On By, Psychonanny & The Babyshakers, Remate, Turn To Crime, Floar Riverer, Deaf Wish, Econo, Aqua Nebula Oscillator, Monty Sparrow, Jimmy Tait, Roller One, Venus in Furs, Stony Broke, The Sunmakers, Skadne Krek  /2010/ TV Buddhas, James McCann’s Dirty Skirt Band, Sonic Angels, The Walk On By, Teeth & Tongue, Mondo Fumatore, Ruin Boys, Ruin Man, Alma Sin Dueño, Simon Chainsaw, GAF, Pumuky /2009/ Sixtyniners, TS Brooks, Motorama, Penny Ikinger, The Walk On By, DJ Action Waldo, Electric Riders, Royal Canal /2008/ Pfaff, The Moi Non Plus, GAF, Afg-an, Scram C Baby, Hospital Bombers, Check 1-2, Pupille, Blues Brother Castro, ET Explore Me.